sang bai pi

Cortex mori albae is the bark of the Mulberry tree.



Drains Lung heat, alleviates cough, calms wheezing, promotes urination, reduces edema


Morus root bark has the ability to help the body transform the pathological phlegm with a downward directing function, which settles coughs and wheezing and facilitates urination to eliminate excess fluid. In fact, this herb is commonly used for the treatment of edema, especially when it is around the eyes.
According to John Chen, author of Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology, the water and alcohol extracts of Morus root bark “have a marked diuretic effect by increasing the excretion of water, sodium chloride, and potassium.” Other pharmacological effects of this herb include inhibiting bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, and Baccillus dysenteriae.


It is contraindicated for lung cold and wind-cold cough patients for its cold and descending property. It should be used with cautions for patients with much urine.


  • None are recorded.

Other names

sang bai pi


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