Croton is an extensive flowering plant genus in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae.



Croton oil has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat severe constipation, heal lesions, and is used as a purgative. It is a source of the organic compound phorbol and its tumor-promoting esters such as 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate. In the Amazon the red latex from the species Croton lechleri, known as Sangre de Drago (Dragon’s blood), is used as a “liquid bandage”, as well as for other medicinal purposes, by native peoples.


Treatment of skin problems
Use it if you have carbuncles, itching or even eczema. Some people believe that it can be helpful if one applies it to cancer lesions or various tumors.

Digestive system
If you suffer from diarrhea, nausea and even dysentery, a croton will help.

Cold and fever
Sometimes people use it to treat flu and cold. You can also use it if you suffer from toothache.
It’s a poisonous plant in its natural environment, but still it contains elements, which can help you to get rid of bothering about health problems.

Snake bites

The leaves of the herb are often made into a poultice and then rubbed onto an area of the skin where a snake bite occurred. In addition, the root is sometimes applied to skin areas that have cancerous lesions.

Intimate use

Other indigenous uses include treating intestinal fevers and inflamed or infected gums, in vaginal baths before and after childbirth and for haemorrhaging after childbirth. In Peruvian herbal medicine it is recommended for haemorrhaging, as an antiseptic vaginal douche and, topically, for healing wounds.


Croton seeds are UNSAFE when taken by mouth or put on the skin. One drop of croton seed oil can cause side effects, and 20 drops of oil can cause death.

Croton seeds can cause burning of the mouth, vomiting, dizziness, stupor, painfulbowel movements, abortions in pregnant women, and collapse when taken by mouth. If croton seeds are put on the skin, they can cause itching, burning, and blistering.


  • Please consult your doctor.

Other names

Ba Dou, Croton, Croton tiglium, Croton Cathartique, Graines de Croton, Piñón de Indias, Tiglium, Tiglium Seeds


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