Cyani (Cornflower)


Cyani/Cornflower is an herb used by the Plains Indians for stings, insect bites and snake bites. The properties in Cyani are very close to Blessed Thistle.



  • Cyani is used to treat conjunctivitis, corneal abrasions, dermatitis, eye problems, gastro-intestinal discomfort, nervous conditions, poisonous bites, insect bites and stings, and toothaches.
  • The water that is distilled from the Cyani petals has been used to treat weak or sore eyes.
  • When Cyani is dried as a powder, it is used to treat bruises. When the leaves, seeds or distilled water of Cyani is taken in wine, it is said that it is a guard against infectious diseases.
  • This herb has been used for ulcers and sores/ulcers in the mouth.

Other Names

Aciano, Audifoin, Bachelor’s Buttons, Barbeau, Bleuet, Bleuet des Champs, Bluebonnet, Bluebottle, Bluebow, Blue Cap, Blue Centaury, Casse-Lunettes, Centaurea cyanus, Centaurea segetum, Centaurée Bleue, Centaurée Bleuet, Corn Flower, Cyani Blossoms, Cyani Flos, Cyani Flowers, Cyani Petals, Flor Celeste, Hurtsickle.


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