Disodium Phosphate  is a food additive.



  • Disodium phosphate is a food additive that combines the minerals phosphate, or phosphorus, and sodium. Phosphate salts are also sometimes used as medicine, and they’re generally regarded as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. People with certain health conditions requiring low phosphorus intakes, however, may want to minimize the amount of disodium phosphate they consume.


  • When used as a food additive, disodium phosphate plays a number of roles. It can help regulate the acidity of food, thicken it, stabilize it and maintain it at the proper moisture level. Disodium phosphate also helps keep oil-based and water-based ingredients, which would otherwise separate, mixed together.
  • Disodium phosphate has nonfood applications, too. It can be used in water treatment and as a flame retardant. In medicine, it may help lower high blood levels of calcium or increase low blood levels of phosphate. It may also be helpful for limiting some types of kidney stones, but the evidence for this is still preliminary, according to MedlinePlus.


  • No side effects are known.


  • n/a

Other names

  • sodium hydrogen phosphate, or sodium phosphate dibasic


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