• DMSA is an over-the-counter nutritional supplement that provides succinate, a substance found in every cell of the body.



  • DMSA has been safely and effectively used in the treatment of people who have been either acutely or chronically poisoned with toxic metals such as lead and mercury. It has been used in children and adults. DMSA has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of lead poisoning in children. DMSA is also used by doctors to assist in the diagnosis of heavy metal toxicity-in this case, a “provocation” dose of DMSA is administered by mouth to increase the excretion of mercury in the urine; a urine sample is then sent to the laboratory for analysis.


  • DMSA helps the body rid itself of harmful minerals and metals, and it has been used in many studies in adults and children.


  • The vast majority of studies have shown DMSA to be safe and highly effective. Side-effects are very rare, but have been reported to include temporary liver damage and mild gastrointestinal upset. Some doctors and companies mention that bone marrow suppression can also be a temporary side effect, but this appears very rare.



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