ENERGYSMART® is a novel ingredient produced from a proprietary ratio of concentrated fruit juices and grain dextrin originally developed to be used in the place of refined sugars in a wide variety of food and confections.



  • As a syrup or granular
  • Protein bars
  • Sports gels
  • Energy shots
  • Diabetic friendly formulations
  • Meal Replacement Shakes


  • It is a “good carbohydrate” option for sports nutrition and energy enthusiasts by providing100% soluble “sustained energy” that avoids the “sugar crash” associated with sucrose typically found in sports performance drinks.
  • ENERGYSMART’S® novel blend of slowly digestible, complex carbohydrates are formulated to provide clean, strong energy that lasts longer.
  • ENERGYSMART® should be a staple “go to” ingredient within the research and development group of any company affiliated with bars, cookies, cereals, sports nutrition or diabetic friendly food products.


  • Consult your doctor or nutritionist


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