Equisetum hyemale, commonly known as rough horsetail, scouring rush, scouringrush horsetail and in South Africa as snake grass, is a perennial herb in the fern Division Pteridophyta. It is a native plant throughout the Holarctic Kingdom, found in North America, Europe, and northern Asia.



Some Plateau Indian tribes boiled the stalks to produce a drink used as a diuretic and to treat venereal disease.

It is used as a homeopathic remedy.


The homeopathic remedy equisetum is mainly used to treat symptoms related to a painful urinary bladder and trickling of urine or when the urine contains mucus. While most of the symptoms in this case have a resemblance to those of cystitis or inflammation of the urinary bladder, in this instance the patients do not suffer from any type of contagion. In addition, equisetum is also effective in curing bedwetting in children, especially occurring during their dreams or nightmares.

The action of this homeopathic medicine in treating urinary complaints is remarkable. It is very beneficial for patients who have a recurrent and unendurable need to pass urine, a symptom that is accompanied with acute pain when the person has completed urination. In addition, people who respond best to equisetum are those who have problems in passing urine and their urine normally trickles drop by drop. Such patients normally experience an intense hurtful pain in the urethra while passing urine. The homeopathic medicine equisetum is also useful in treating polyuria (the passing of too much urine like in the case of diabetes or in certain cases of nervous disorders) accompanied by continuous longing to pass urine. Patients suffering from this condition usually pass excessive urine that is clear and watery, but do not get any relief even after urination. At the same time, they undergo an acute dull pain in the urinary bladder as if they still retain urine in the bladder since there is no relief even after excessive urination.

As aforementioned, the homeopathic remedy equisetum is also effective in treating enuresis or bedwetting in children. Children suffering from this health condition pass excessive of watery urine during the day as well as night. When children endure enuresis, they are unable to restrain the natural urinary discharges which are usually accompanied by dreams or nightmares. Apart from incontinence of urine, they also pass stool involuntarily. This homeopathic medicine is also useful for women as it is effective in treating urine retention as well as dysuria (difficult and painful urination) during and after pregnancy. In addition, turning to the homeopathic remedy equisetum is also useful in curing cystitis. People suffering from cystitis usually experience profound pain in the area around the right kidney and the soreness spreads to the lower abdominal region as the patients feel an urgent need to pass urine.

At times, the homeopathic medicine equisetum is also useful in treating medical conditions wherein cantharis fails to provide any relief to the patients. Even after using cantharis, some patients may endure the same urge to pass urine, while the soreness in the urinary bladder persists. In such cases, the patients have a sensation that the bladder is full of urine that needs to be excreted with a view to get relief from the pain as well as the pressure. Nevertheless, even after urination, these individuals do not get any relief and feel the urge to urinate again. In such cases, the patients also experience a burning sensation inside the urethra while passing urine. However, when such patients turn to equisetum, the patients pass more amounts of urine compared to what is urinated using cantharis – usually there is very little urination following the use of cantharis, but also urinate very frequently. However, the use of cantharis only persuades urination drop by drop. Similar to chimaphila, at times, use of equisetum also results in urination with excessive mucus and the homeopathic medication is also effective in treating enuresis or bedwetting.

Equisetum is one of the herbal medications that has originated in Asia and is used extensively in Chinese medicine. In homeopathy, equisetum is an established therapy that is particularly effective and beneficial in treating all types of urinary bladder problems. In addition, this homeopathic remedy also facilitates in relieving anxiety.


Please consult your doctor about side effects coming from Equisetum Hyemale.


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Other names

Equisetum, Horsetail, E. arvense


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