ethylhexyl stearate

Ethylhexyl stearate is an emollient derived from plant oil that prevents water loss

* Also known as Octyl Stearate



According to Chemiplast, a Belgian researcher, Ethylhexyl Stearate is used as an oil component for emulsions, bath oils, and as a solvent for active substances in cosmetics. Stearate esters are used most frequently in the formulation of eye makeup, skin makeup, lipstick and skin care products.


Octyl Stearate is an emollient: it gives skin a soft and smooth appearance while preventing water loss.
In addition, it is also a thickening agent.


The CIR Expert Panel notes that the safety of the stearate esters has been assessed in a number of studies. They have low acute oral toxicity and are essentially non-irritating to the eyes. At cosmetic use concentrations, the stearate esters were, at most, minimally irritating to skin (Source).


None are recorded.

Other names

Octyl Stearate


Source: TruthinAging,


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