Glucose polymers are glucose saccharides with mixture of 3% glucose, 7% maltose, 5% maltotriose, and 85% polysaccharides of 4 to 15 glucose units,used in oral glucose tolerance tests.



Glucose polymers are one such nutrient that helps provide a natural energy source that would be otherwise lacking in infant formulas. Just as they do for athletes, glucose polymers help to relieve fatigue in infants.

Furthermore, glucose polymers have been shown to encourage calcium absorption in individuals where this process is normally inhibited. Studies have shown that individuals taking supplements containing glucose polymers are much more likely to absorb calcium from natural food sources than those not using the substance.



Glucose polymers have long been used as an energy booster in infant formulas.



This side effect is known scientifically as the insulin effect. It is caused by a sudden drop in blood glucose levels which can cause dizziness, fatigue, mental confusion, and headaches. Although this side effect is rare it can still occur nonetheless.

In order to prevent sugar crash, some supplement makers who specialize in sports drinks will combine glucose polymers with cornstarch and/or fructose. Fructose polymers are similar to glucose polymers yet they are absorbed and metabolized at a much slower rate.

This slower process helps to regulate blood glucose levels and can be of some assistance in preventing sugar crash. The use of cornstarch effectively accomplishes the same purpose. Those with a tendency to suffer from gastrointestinal distress should stick to glucose polymers when possible.

To date there have been no studies to suggest that using sports energy drinks with glucose polymers in them is dangerous. Quite to the contrary, is believed throughout the bodybuilding and sports training industries that these types of energy drinks could be the best among all options.

They provide the needed energy boost and fatigue prevention properties, thus allowing users to stack other supplements for other purposes. When supplements are stacked properly they provide the maximum benefits.



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