gluten free oats

Gluten free organic oats allow people with celiac disease or other gluten issues to enjoy their favorite foods again without fear of getting sick.



  • Oats to Lose Weight – it has been proven that eating fiber-rich foods, such as organic gluten free oats, help people stay full for longer periods of time which aids in weight loss efforts.
  • Oats Lower Cholesterol – eating a diet that is high in beta-glucan found in organic oats helps reduce cholesterol levels. Benefits can be seen by simply eating one bowl of oatmeal a day.
  • Oats Lower Blood Pressure – consuming organic oats has led to a decrease in blood pressure in many individuals.
  • Oats Help With Insulin – Insulin sensitivity can be greatly benefitted by eating oats as a part of a healthy diet.
  • Oats Help Diabetes – studies have shown that eating oats on a daily basis can help lower the risk for developing diabetes. Oats also do not cause as much of a rise in blood sugar as bread or rice do.


The best advice we can offer is to take a great deal of care before introducing gluten-free oats into your diet, which includes speaking with your healthcare provider about this dietary change. There is no way to determine if you will react, so proceed with caution. Be sure to use oats that are “pure, uncontaminated,” “gluten-free,” or “certified gluten-free.” Experts believe that up to 50g of dry gluten-free oats are considered safe.


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