Glyceryl linolenate is a fatty acid.



  • Used as a skin conditioning agent in beauty and skin care products.


  • It is often combined with other compounds, such as Glyceryl or Tocopheryl (Vitamin E), to be a more effective ingredient, and listed in products as such (Source).
  • As a component of Tocopheryl Linoleate, it forms a barrier against moisture evaporation from the skin, prevents free radical damage in the skin tissues, serves as an antioxidant nutrient, slows cellular aging due to oxidation and nourishes cells and dry skin (Source).


  • The CosmeticsDatabase and EWG give Linoleate a 99% safety rating and the CIR approve it for use in cosmetics; its only concern is the possible contamination by Hydroquinone, a known toxin. The FDA has also approved Linoleate for use as a food additive.
  • However, a 1994 study by the Swiss Contact Dermatitis Research Group found: “Though vitamin E esters have been widely and safely used for decades in dermatological preparations and in cosmetics, vitamin E linoleate [Tocopheryl Linoleate] was the cause of about 1,000 cases of unusual papular mainly follicular contact dermatitis.”



Other names

Tocopheryl Linoleate


Source: TruthinAging,

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