• Plants used in traditional medicine have drawn the attention of researchers who seek to develop new therapeutic agents for a wide range of diseases. In folk medicine, golden berries have many applications and many cultures regard golden berries as a mild diuretic that promotes proper fluid balance.


Normal Blood Sugar

Starch and sugar are broken down in the body through an enzymatic reaction, a process that can increase blood sugar levels. Studies suggest that golden berries may be helpful for inhibiting the enzyme responsible for this reaction and preventing the breakdown of starchy carbohydrates; thus controlling the impact carbohydrates have on blood sugar.

Discourages Systemic Redness and Swelling

Illness and irritation can cause redness and swelling in the body; it’s indicative of many diseases. Research conducted by the National University of Colombia confirms that golden berries offer potent activity against systemic redness and swelling.

Liver, Kidney, and Organ Health

Liver health is especially important, as it’s the body’s main detoxifying organ. Its anti-redness and antioxidant compounds may be effective for protecting other organs, including the lungs. In fact, preliminary research is even examining the potential for a primary compound in golden berries, 4 beta-Hydroxywithanolide, as a potential therapy for lung cancer.


Eating unripe golden berries can be poisonous, so picking them from the wild is usually not recommended. Also, if you suffer from an allergy to other berries, be sure to speak with your doctor. Although golden berries are more closely related to nightshade plants than cherries or other berries, the allergenic potential is much the same.


Not enough information is available. Consult your physician.

Other Names

Physalis peruviana, Cape Gooseberry, Aztec berry, poha, harankash


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