The organic red wine grape skin powder is a totally new and innovative product which boasts a host of health promoting benefits.



Used for medicinal purposes.

  • Support for a healthy cardiovascular system*
  • Help in maintaining your body’s natural defenses*
  • Support for normal cell function*
  • Assistance in the fight against free radical damage*
  • Support for good immune system health*


Bioflavonoids and their Antioxidant Effect

The red colouration of grape skins, that gives rise to the deep red colour of the Fermented Grape Skin Powder, is due to the pigment anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a bioflavonoid that is highly antioxidising, and is the main contributing factor to the remarkably high ORAC value found in the Fermented Grape Skin Powder. At a level of over 5,000 ORAC units in a 5g serve of powder, this provides the full daily antioxidant requirement necessary for maintaining a healthy diet.

Benefits of Fermentation

The process of fermenting foods is an ancient art, and increasingly it is being recognised today for the role it plays in boosting the nutritional benefits of foods. Apart from breaking down more complex sugars, proteins and fats into more easily digestible, and therefore more bioavailable, formats, fermentation can also enhance the nutritional content of a food. This is especially true in the case of fermenting red grapes, where the levels of cardioprotective resveratrol are increased through the fermentation process necessary for wine making. Resveratrol is produced naturally by grape skins to protect the fruit from fungal infections. Since the grapes are exposed to yeast in the fermentation process in the making of red wine, it causes the red grape skins to synthesise more resveratrol, thereby increasing the overall levels found in the grape skins.

Nutrient Rich Food Source

Apart from being an excellent source of polyphenols, and their related health benefits, Fermented Grape Skin Powder is also a nutrient dense food providing a valuable source of fibers, vitamins and minerals.


No side effects are known.


None are recorded.

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