Herbal Active is a variant of the beverage antimicrobial.



  • Used as a stabilizer.


  • It is recommend taking the view that Herbal-Active® is a sanitizer and so it gets added to the ingredients with the highest microbial loads first at a concentration of 1 to 2% of the final product weight. This exposes the actives, thickeners, acidifiers, stabilizers and other ingredients to a high level of Herbal-Active® in just a small amount of purified water. More water is added and if an emulsion is being made as in creams and lotions, then the oil can be introduced and shear-blended to mix the different liquid phases.
  • Some consideration needs to account if high temperature blending is used as the volatile components in Herbal-Active® can be affected by heat. In this case, the natural antimicrobial is best added on cooling along with or mixed into any fragrances used.





Other names



Source: Cherikoff, http://cherikoff.net/herbal-active-natural-preservation-for-cosmetics/

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