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Hickory nut is used primarily as food, however it is also used in cosmetics and other industrial applications. There are ~18 species of hickory trees that produce hickory nuts. These species include:

  • Carya dabieshanensis
  • Carya cathayensis
  • Carya hunanensis
  • Carya kweichowensis
  • Carya poilanei
  • Carya tonkinensis
  • Carya floridana
  • Carya glabra
  • Carya myristiciformis
  • Carya ovalis
  • Carya ovata
  • Carya laciniosa
  • Carya pallida
  • Carya texana
  • Carya tomentosa
  • Carya aquatica
  • Carya cordiformis
  • Carya illinoinensis


Hickory nut is said to have the following beneficial properties:

  • aids in weight gain
  • healthy fat
  • energy boost
  • high protein content
  • metabolic aid
    • vitamin B-1
  • Bone growth
    • magnesium
  • digestion aid
    • fiber and minerals


  • If you have a nut allergy, avoid hickory nuts. Consult a physician if you think you might be allergic to hickory nuts.

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