A hydrocolloid dressing (trade names include Exuderm,Comfeel Plus, Duoderm, Granuflex, Ultec, and 3M Tegaderm Hydrocolloid) is an opaque dressing for wounds. A hydrocolloid dressing is biodegradeable, non-breathable, and adheres to the skin, so no separate taping is needed.



Dressings may be used, under medical supervision, even where aerobic infection is present; the infection should be treated appropriately.

The dressing is applied to a cleaned wound. Hydrocolloid patches are sometimes used on the face for acne. They are also used to secure nasogastric tubes or CPAP masks to the patient’s face. Hydrocolloid dressings are used for pressure ulcers(also known as bed sores). They are used in the treatment of eczema, to seal steroid ointment underneath and to provide a barrier against scratching.



Hydrocolloid dressings come with a multitude of benefits, including these main advantages:

  • Impermeable to protect against bacteria and other outside invaders
  • Doesn’t adhere to the wound, only the surrounding skin, thereby keeping healed skin intact
  • Easy to apply to wound site
  • Can be used in conjunction with venous compression products
  • Minimal disruption to healing as it needs to be changed only once every several days


  • Not intended for wounds with infection, sinus tracts or heavy exudate
  • Can become dislodged in the case of heavy exudate
  • Wound assessments made more difficult by opaque hydrocolloids
  • Can roll up or curl at the edges
  • Dressing residue can stick to the wound bed and cause an unpleasant odor after dressing removal
  • May lead to hypergranulation
  • Skin around the wound may begin to macerate


None known.

Other names

Trade names include Exuderm,Comfeel Plus, Duoderm, Granuflex, Ultec, and 3M Tegaderm Hydrocolloid


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