Hydrofluoricum Acidum is a homeopathy remedy.



You are most likely familiar with fluoride as we use it every day in our toothpaste.

The mineral fluorine, however, has maintained medicinal uses for years, though some believe that excessive amounts of it can cause health problems down the road.

Within homeopathy, fluorine was studied and out of the research came the homeopathic remedy called fluoric ac.

Fluoric ac is carefully prepared by taking hydrofluoric acid and dissolving it in alcohol. This solution is then repeatedly diluted in alcohol and then succussed in between each dilution. What remains is the homeopathic remedy of fluoric ac, and as is common within homeopathy, the final solution contains virtually no traces of the mineral fluorine at all.


Sexual Problems:

This is often seen in older men who have an increased sexual desire and erections, which may even prevent sleep. The scrotum may swell and the individual may suffer from a related sexual dysfunction.

Tooth Decay:

Fluoric ac works well for teeth that tend to be predisposed to decay. It is also effective when teeth are discolored or brittle and tend to chip easily.

Nail Conditions:

Those who have issues such as weak or crumbling nails may find that fluoric ac is an excellent homeopathic remedy. When nails tend to grow quickly but looked deformed or grow uneven in thickness then fluoric ac is an option. It is also recommended for nails that are brittle and tend to break easily.

Varicose Veins:

In this instance the veins tend to become enlarged and become painful. This can be located anywhere in the body, but is most commonly found in the legs. The veins tend to cause a great deal of pain and this pain may worsen by standing for long periods of time.

Discharges from the Ear and Nose:

Fluoric ac helps when an ear infection causes some type of discharge, particularly if there is stress or some other illness present. This discharge may drip continuously from the ear or nose like a leaky faucet and it may be associated with hay fever or other related problems.


This shows up as baldness in patches, often after a long period of illness. When the hair grows back, it tends to be brittle and dry.


None are recorded. Please consult with your doctor!


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Other names

Fluoricum Acidum, Fluoric Ac, Hydrofluoric Acid


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