Hyoscyamus — known as the henbanes — is a small genus of flowering plants in the nightshade family, Solanaceae. It comprises 11 species, all of which are toxic. It, along with other genera in the same family, is a source of the drug hyoscyamine (daturine).



Greek physician Dioscorides was the first individual to recommend the use of the henbane plant as a painkiller as well as a medication to induce sleep way back in the first century. Over the years, it was found that henbane is basically a toxic plant which his harmful for humans, but safe for consumption by pigs – hence, it is also known as hog’s-bean. Later, homeopathy practitioners found that the plant possessed certain remedial properties and a medication prepared from it could be used effectively to treat emotional disorders – both mental as well as physical disorders.

It also treats coughs.


Behavioral Problems:

Behavioral problems have been the primary use of the homeopathic remedy of hyoscyamus and it continues to be helpful in this capacity.

It can assist the body’s natural healing with any sort of violent outbursts and the behaviors that are associated with them.

There may be strange impulses or desires such as wanting to go naked at unusual times. There may be a great deal of jealousy associated with these conditions.


This often starts with twitching in the face and then evolves into a manic state. Hyoscyamus helps with any sort of trauma that may have caused the state and the issues that result.


This may start with jealousy or exist all on its own, but hyoscyamus can work for the emotional symptoms that result from it. The person may feel specifically as though they are always being watched or that somebody is trying to poison them.


This tends to be a dry and tickling cough and may turn into spasms that can cause the individual to actually double over as they try to suffer through them.



Henbane is possibly safe for most people when taken by mouth for a short time with the help of a healthcare professional. Side effects include dry mouth, red skin,constipation, overheating, reduced sweating, vision disturbances, increased heart rate,urination problems, drowsiness, restlessness, hallucinations, delirium, manic episodes, and death.

Henbane is UNSAFE when used for self-medication. Since henbane can be very toxic, the dose must be carefully chosen and side effects checked by a healthcareprofessional. Too much henbane can cause poisoning and death.



  • Please consult your doctor.

Other names

Beleño, Careillade, Devil’s Eye, Fetid Nightshade, Fève à Cochons, Hen Bell, Herbe aux Engelures, Henbane, Hog Bean, Hyoscyami Folium, Hyoscyamus niger, Jupiter’s Bean, Jusquiame, Jusquiame Noire, Khurasani-Ajavayan, Parasigaya, Poison Tobacco, Potelée, Stinking Nightshade, Tue Poule


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