Instant Egg Albumin is the egg white, which has a number of health benefits.


  • Used as a dietary supplement.


  • Egg Albumin Types of Protein
    Although the egg albumin has so many different types of protein, a few are the most effective. Ovalbumin is a protein that provides nourishment and binds digestive enzymes, and it makes up over half (54%) of the protein in egg albumin. Ovotransferrin (12%), ovomucoid (11%) and globulin (8%) are the next top three.
  • Egg Albumin Nutritional Content
    The egg albumin is made mostly of water and accounts for over half the weight of an egg. The rest of the egg albumin’s mass consists of nutrients. In addition to having most of the egg’s protein, it contains magnesium, riboflavin, potassium, sodium and niacin.
    Minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, copper and calcium are also found in egg albumin. These help strengthen fingernails, bones and teeth. In addition, the egg albumin is rich in vitamins B6, B12 and D.
    Unlike many other foods, the egg albumin loses little nutritional value when cooked. There are about 17 calories in the white of a large egg.
  • Egg Albumin Powder
    Another way to consume egg albumin is to have it in a powdered form. Scientists have found a way to extract the water from the egg albumin to make egg white powder. There are many advantages to having egg albumin powder.
    In the powdered form, you won’t need to deal with the raw egg albumin or worry about contaminating other materials because the dehydration process kills salmonella. Also, if you only want to eat the egg albumin, the yolk can’t go to waste because it’s not there.
    Dried egg albumin lasts much longer than fresh egg whites do. It can be stored at room temperature and has a shelf life of about a year when opened. A sealed container of egg albumin can last anywhere from five to ten years.


  • People who are allergic to eggs should not eat egg albumin. The symptoms of an egg allergy include a stuffy nose, hives, allergic asthma, nausea, vomiting and cramps.
    Some people have a more serious reaction and develop anaphylaxis, which makes it impossible to breathe. Anaphylaxis must be treated with a shot of epinephrine or the person will die.
  • There is a possibility that if you have an egg allergy, you are only allergic to either the white of the egg or its yolk. If you are only allergic to the yolk, you can eat egg albumin.
  • Some people have an intolerance to egg albumin. The symptoms can be similar to an egg allergy, but they only appear when the person eats egg whites that are not cooked in the same way. For example, someone might be able to eat a cake made with egg whites because it was baked, but the same person may show symptoms after eating fried eggs.



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