Iron is an essential mineral for carrying oxygen around your body and maintaining good health.



  • Iron is used as constructional material, inter alia for drinking-water pipes. Iron oxides are
    used as pigments in paints and plastics. Other compounds are used as food colours and for the
    treatment of iron deficiency in humans. Various iron salts are used as coagulants in water


  • Iron-rich water straight from the source; 100 per cent natural daily iron provider. Contains iron, an essential mineral.” Easily absorbed and one sachet is equivalent to eating 8lb of broccoli.
  •  Iron is present in lots of foods – such as red meat, oily fish, eggs, fortified cereals, dried fruit, leafy veg, pulses, nuts and seeds, which also provide other nutrients.


  • Sometimes stomach irritation and constipation.


  • Unknown, please consults with your nutritionist.

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