Isomalt is a naturally sourced sugar replacer. It is based on sucrose from sugar beet and is 100% vegan, kosher, halal and non-GMO. Isomalt is produced in a two-stage process:  an enzymatic treatment of sucrose is followed by hydrogenation. The resulting principal components of Isomalt are 6-0- α-D-glucopyranosyl-D-sorbitol (1.6-GPS) and 1-0- α-D-glucopyranosyl-D-mannitol dehydrate (1.1-GPM). By adjusting process parameters, the composition and properties of Isomalt can be tailored to suit particular applications.
Isomalt provides a taste profile almost equal to sucrose – but with a softer sweetness intensity and with only half the calories. It can be used in a wide range of food applications; especially when it comes to hard candies, Isomalt is the number one sugar replacer worldwide.

Low hygroscopicity: reduced stickiness & longer shelflife.

Isomalt has a lower hygroscopicity than most polyols, and significantly lower than sugar. It absorbs practically no moisture at room temperature and at relatively high humidity. Isomalt prevents hard boiled candies and compressed mints from becoming sticky or moist, so that even unwrapped items can be packed together, guaranteeing a longer shelf life.

Brilliant colours & coatings.

Contrary to other polyols, Isomalt helps to significantly boost the colour brilliance in the coatings of e.g. sugar-free chewing gum and chewy candies, as it can be applied in a single syrup process.  Isomalt also results in visually attractive, transparent high boiled candies and lollipops.

Optimised taste & mouthfeel.

Isomalt has a very similar organoleptical profile to sugar – with about half the sweetness of sucrose. The use of Isomalt allows for formulations with a very natural taste profile, because just like sucrose, it has nearly no cooling effect.  When combined with intense sweeteners , it can achieve  a synergistic sweetness profile without producing any undesired side- or aftertaste.
Its mild sweetness brings a better flavour release in subtle and delicate fruit flavours. In sugar-free chewing gum or fruit-flavoured hard candies, this is perfectly complemented with Isomalt’s low solubility, which improves the flavour retention and helps to make it longer-lasting in the mouth.
As Isomalt absorbs virtually no moisture, it can maintain the crunchiness of coated applications. It also ensures a smooth surface in deposited candies and lollipops avoiding sharp cracks and edges that can compromise the indulgence.


Source: BENEO (first company to engineer Isomalt),

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