Isomaltulose is a carbohydrate, exactly a disaccharide, produced from sucrose through enzymatic processes , so it is naturally composed by glucose and fructose. It is naturally found in sugar cane and honey, but it can also be chemically obtained through bacterial fermentation. In particular, bacteria are added to common sucrose, especially Protaminobacter rubrum, so they start the enzymatic digestion of sugar, producing liquid isomaltulose, that is then crystallized.



It is used not only in the sports world, but also by food industries as an additive, because it consents to sweeten aliments and beverages, without any side effect.


Isomaltulose is a carbohydrate with nearly the same characteristics of sucrose. They differ from one another for the fact that, even if they are completely digested and then absorbed by intestine, isomaltulose is released very slowly to the blood, so it can provide a constant amount of energy in time. In this way it is possible to make prolonged exercise, without encountering a rapid decrease of glucose curve, without spikes and lows. It is a natural sugar, present also in honey and sugar cane, so it doesn’t leave the bad taste of artificial sweeteners used in many supplements and sports beverages. Another important benefit for athletes is that, because isomaltulose doesn’t create a spike on glucose curve in the blood, lead the body to use deposits of fats to obtain energy. This aspect is particularly important because it permits to lose weight, decreasing fats storages.

Isomaltulose offers also benefits for the general health of the body. In fact it can be used by diabetic people, for his very low glycemic and insulinic index, and it is considered as a non-cariogenic sugar, so it can be consumed without common sugar’s problems.

Energy is not important only during exercise, but also for mental activities. In fact brain can use only sugar as font of energy, so isomaltulose can be useful even for students. Moreover it delays the feeling of hunger, so it can be also used during a diet.











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