Isopropyl Palmitate is the ester of isopropyl alcohol and palmitic acid.


  • It is an emollient, moisturizer, thickening agent, and anti-static agent.


  • Due to the fact this ingredient is sourced from oil, it has many similar properties to other common oils. This molecule has a long chain oxigenated structure which can increase the skin penetration of other lipophillic substances (Cosmetic Ingredient Review). Like many other long chain molecules it has been found to have skin conditioning, moisturizing, anti-static and binding properties.
  • It has also been used as a fragrance ingredient in deodorants. This compound has been found in a myriad of products including moisteurizer, lipstick, eye shadow, conditioner, concealer and all manner of anti-aging skin care products according to the Cosmetics Database.


  • The Cosmetic Ingredient Review has found this ingredient to have no inhalation toxicity, but to be a possible skin irritant. This ingredient is FDA approved and is shown to be perfectly safe for use in cosmetics, however it’s use is limited in foodstuffs.



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