Jackfruit, (Artocarpus heterophyllus), also known as jack tree, fenne, jakfruit, or sometimes simply jack or jak, is a species of tree in the fig, mulberry, and breadfruit family (Moraceae) native to South India.


  • Culinary uses with medicinal benefits.


  • Enhances Immunity and May Help Fight CancerJackfruit is a vitamin C food that contains many other antioxidants and cancer-fighting phytonutrients, including lignans, isoflavones and saponins. Additionally, we need to fight those damaging free radicals that enter the body daily. Antioxidants found in jackfruit and other foods boost immune function by kicking those free radicals to the curb.
  • Boosts Magnesium LevelsYou may hear a lot of talk about magnesium levels and for good reason. Magnesium is crucial for the structure of our bones. Women are especially at risk for magnesium deficiency, and it’s common for African-Americans and the elderly to suffer from low magnesium levels too.
  • Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular DiseaseThis robust fruit contains a healthy dose of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 falls into a category along with folic acid and vitamin B12 that may help reduce heart disease. This occurs due to lower levels of homocysteine, which is an amino acid and important building block of protein.
  • Improves DigestionJackfruit may be a great choice for anyone suffering from constipation or issues with digestion, and it’s the seeds of the jackfruit that come in handy. The seeds contain a good portion of dietary fiber, and as we know, high-fiber foods are great because they not only help with constipation, but they help fill you up, which may contribute to weight loss.
  • Aids in Preventing OsteoporosisIn addition to bone-building magnesium, jackfruit contains calcium, which may help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, or even osteopenia, which is the onset of osteoporosis.


  • Caution is advised in patients taking jackfruit with herbs or supplements for sexual dysfunction, or herbs or supplements with sexual side effects. Jackfruit leaves may improve glucose tolerance in normal and type 2 diabetes patients. Caution is advised when using herbs or supplement that may alter blood sugar.



Other names

  • jack tree, fenne, jakfruit


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