Kali Carbonicum is a metallic compound that is easy to create either naturally or chemically.



  • It is highly caustic, so it is rarely recommended for internal consumption, unless it is quite diluted. For medical purposes, it is most often applied to the body externally, as an ointment or lotion. Homeopathic medicine practitioners believe that it can treat the symptoms of joint pain, back pain, kidney disorders,insomnia, and even asthma.
  • For those individuals who do not want to use the compound for medical purposes, it also is used in the manufacturing of a wide array of products. It is most commonly used to make glass and soap, although some people use it as a water softener, as well.


Coughs and Cold:

Kali carb works quite well when there is a dry hacking cough that produces a yellowish type of mucus. The cough may be whooping in nature and can even cause vomiting. This homeopathic remedy is also used for recurrent colds that seem to settle in the chest and produce many other symptoms.


This is the type of asthma that can make even lying down seem difficult and uncomfortable. The dry cough, as a result of this, may disrupt sleep and leave the individual having a difficult time in coping.

Back Pain:

Kali carb can work well as a homeopathic remedy for pain that begins in the small of the back and then moves up, becoming worse every step of the way. The pain then spreads all over and may be associated with pregnancy or labor, or could be due to an injury of some type.

Joint Pain:

This is a sharp sort of pain that is often in the shoulders, arms, legs, or other joint and then becomes worse on one side. The joints may actually feel weak or possibly become restless. This is often due to arthritis but can be something that comes about independently.

Kidney Disorders:

This usually presents itself as kidney stones and has shooting pains associated with it that are often located in the small of the back.


Kali carb may be of great help to those who have a difficult time in falling asleep or even in staying asleep. It may feel to these individuals as though they can’t ever get a decent night of sleep.


  • Kali carb. should be given with caution in old gouty cases, old cases of nephritis, and in advanced cases of phthisis. Just use one tiny globule put into three-fourths of an ounce of distilled water contained in an ounce phial.


  • None are recorded.

Other names

Kali Carb, Potassium Carbonate, Potash, Salt of Tartar, Pearl Ash


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