Hydroxyproine, L-hydroxyproline or C5H9O3N, is  a major componet of protein collagen.



  • This ingredient is used in some cosmetic and personal care products.


  • Studies show that this amino acid can boost collagen production.
  • Cosmetic manufacturers add hydroxyproline to products as an anti-aging ingredient, based on the fact that collagen is the primary support structure for skin and helps to keep it firm and youthful. With age and sun exposure, collagen in the dermis of the skin becomes damaged. This is a factor in the formation of wrinkles. Manufacturers hope that by adding hydroxyproline to cosmetic products, it will boost the synthesis of collagen, thereby increasing skin firmness and reducing wrinkling.
  • Does hydroxyproline have anti-aging benefits? According to a small study published in Inside Cosmeceuticals, hydroxyproline has the potential to decrease fine lines and wrinkles when used topically and also helps to increase penetration into the skin of other anti-aging skin care ingredients.
  • In addition, hydroxyproline binds water, making it an effective moisturizer and skin conditioner. Another study showed that participants that took hydroxyproline as an oral supplement experienced less skin dryness and better skin texture. Whether hydroxyproline penetrates deeply enough to increase collagen synthesis is still unclear, but, at the very least, it appears to be an efficient moisturizer.


No toxic side effects.


Unknown, please consult with your doctor.

Other names

Hydroxyproline or C5H9O3N


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