Pyroglutamic acid is an amino acid that is found in small amounts in the body and also in foods, such as meat, soya, fruit and vegetables.



  •  Memory
  •  Mental clarity
  •  Concentration
  •  Alertness & Focus


  •  Helps your brain work at full power for maximum efficiencyIn a recent study conducted by scientists at the Laboratory of Pharmacology at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, in Moscow, pyroglutamic acid was found to improve blood circulation in the small arteries of the brain without any side effects.6An adequate flow of blood to your brain is necessary for essential metabolic processes to take place in your brain cells. It increases the brain’s ability to use glucose, meaning your brain cells have more energy available for their everyday needs, and feelings of tiredness and low mood are also improved.
  • The sodium salt of pyroglutamic acid — known either as sodium pyroglutamate, sodium PCA, or sodium pidolate — is used for dry skin and hair products, as it is a humectant. It has low toxicity and is not a skin irritant, but its use in products is limited by a high price.L-pyroglutamic acid is sold online as a dietary supplement.Magnesium pidolate, the magnesium salt of pyroglutamic acid, is a mineral supplement.


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Other names

PCA, 5-oxoproline, pidolic acid, or pyroglutamate


Source: TheDailyHealth,

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