The homeopathic remedy lac caninum, which is derived from the milk of a nursing mother dog, can be used to treat a variety of medical issues.



It is often used to treat women who have sore, swollen, painful breasts, and can also help mothers with breastfeeding issues. Menstrual problems may also be relieved using this remedy. It is thought to be effective in easing problems with the mouth, nose, and throat, and to also help with certain mental ailments like chronic forgetfulness, phobias, or hypersensitivity. Other problems it can help with include headaches,sciatica, and rheumatism.


Throat Infections:

There is often an excessively dry feeling in the throat. This is usually accompanied by burning pain that makes swallowing very difficult. The pain moves from side to side and lac can may help the body heal itself of these symptoms as well as the pain itself.


Lac can works very well as a homeopathic remedy for irrational fears and the behavior that comes about as a result of them. This may manifest, for example, as a fear of snakes, storms, or even dogs. The person may develop compulsive behavior as a result of their fears.

Vaginal Bleeding and Discharge:

Lac can works quite well for bleeding that comes about in between menstrual periods or that comes about after sexual intercourse. There may be vaginal discharge and the genitalia can feel sensitive to the touch.


This homeopathic remedy can help with hypersensitivity that develops as a result of an overactive imagination. This may cause a hysterical state to develop and the individual may feel as though they are seeing things that simply aren’t there.

Breast Problems:

The breasts may feel swollen around the time of menstruation. The pain may move from side to side, and it may even be associated with breast feeding directly. Lac can be of great help if there is excessive milk production or if the breasts feel hard or full of lumps.


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Other names

Lac can.
Bitch’s Milk


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