Lactobacillus helveticus is a lactic-acid producing, rod-shaped bacterium of the genus Lactobacillus. It is most commonly used in the production of American Swiss cheese and Emmental cheese, but is also sometimes used in making other styles of cheese, such asCheddar, Parmesan, Romano, provolone, and mozzarella.



In probiotic supplements, L. helveticus and other strains of Lactobacillus are used to support the digestive system, stimulate the immune system and prevent the spread of unhealthy bacteria.

In additional to the general benefits conferred by probiotics, Lactobacillus helveticus is being researched for anti-hypertensive, anti-mutagenic, anti-tumorigenic and anti-microbial benefits.


  • – Supports the Immune System Response
  • – Displaces Pathogenic Bacteria to Colonize the Intestines
  • – May Improve Digestion and Gastrointestinal Dysfunction
  • – May Improve Cholesterol Levels
  • – Exhibits Insulin Sensitizing and Anti-Glycation Effects


  • – Large Variation in Quality of Probiotic Supplements
  • – Short Shelf-Life as Live Cultures can Die Off
  • – Limited Research into the Best Comnination of Complementary Strains



Other names

Lactobacillus suntoryeus


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