Bacillus licheniformis

Licheniformis is a spore-forming probiotic which is often used in conjunction with other probiotic bacillus specie.



  • Used to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.


  • This positive bacteria also works to promote better immune function, and it produces protease, an enzyme which is necessary for proper gut health.Protease enzymes produced by bacillus licheniformis are highly stable and efficient and although protease is not a probiotic, it is a required enzyme for breaking down sugars into simpler nutrients. By doing this, probiotic bacteria are able to readily absorb and convert the nutrients into soldiers in the fight against bad bacterial growth.

    While these helpful bacteria can produce many beneficial effects, too much bacillus licheniformis can also cause certain forms of food poisoning.


  • Individuals with a compromised immune system or on immunosuppressive medications should not take bacillus licheniformis, or supplements containing bacillus licheniformis.Women who are pregnant, nursing or intend to become pregnant should not take this probiotic unless instructed to do so by your physician.

    This supplement is not recommended for children or infants. Use under the care of a qualified medical professional.

    This probiotic can have beneficial effects, but there it can have potentially harmful or dangerous effects if taken in the wrong dosage, or if the strain has not been carefully researched and selected.

    In these cases, another strain may be better suited for your health needs. Purchase only from reputable and qualified manufacturers and vendors.



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