Lilium Candidum is native to Greece, the western Balkans and the Middle East.



  • Used as a healing cream
  • Used as a herbal face wash
  • Used as a day cream
  • Used as a night cream
  • Used as a hand and body lotion


  • Lilium Candidum is a classical home made remedy for wounds. The leaves are placed on wounds, cuts and burns, and the petals, buttered with honey, on blisters, anthrax sores and cuts.
  • The petals kept in alcohol were used against spots and for prickling eyes.
  • Also Lilium Candidum was used against leucorrhea, mixed with white sulphurine, white shamrock and peony roots.
  • The boiled lily root was placed on swellings, on infected sores and on the chest of those suffering from cough.
  • The bulb is especially used for respiratory conditions, which it can heal in lighter conditions and can bring obvious improvements for serious conditions.
  • It can also be used for the calming effect on the nervous system. It is also helpful for heart conditions because it regulates the heart beats especially in stressful or difficult cases.


  •  None noted. Not enough information is available.


  • None noted. Please consult with your pharmacist.

Other Names

Madonna lily, white lily, meadow lily


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