Lithium Chloride is a chemical compound with the formula LiCl.



  • Lithium chloride is mainly used for the production of lithium metal by electrolysis of a LiCl/KCl melt at 450 °C (842 °F). LiCl is also used as a brazing flux for aluminium in automobile parts.
  • It is used as a desiccant for drying air streams. In more specialized applications, lithium chloride finds some use in organic synthesis, e.g., as an additive in the Stille reaction.
  • Also, in biochemical applications, it can be used to precipitate RNA from cellular extracts.
  • Lithium chloride is also used as a flame colorant to produce dark red flames.
  • Lithium chloride is used as a relative humidity standard in the calibration of hygrometers.
  • Molten LiCl is used for the preparation of carbon nanotubes, graphene and lithium niobate.


  • Lithium Chloride is a medicine that is used for the treatment of Immunomodulator and other conditions.


  • Lithium salts affect the central nervous system in a variety of ways. While the citrate, carbonate, and orotate salts are currently used to treat bipolar disorder, other lithium salts including the chloride were used in the past. For a short time in the 1940s lithium chloride was manufactured as a salt substitute, but this was prohibited after the toxic effects of the compound were recognized.



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