Mentholum is an organic compound made synthetically or obtained from corn mint, peppermint, or other mint oils.



  •  It is widely used to relieve minor throat irritation.


  • Muscle Rub: Mentholatum is formulated for and used in muscle rubs that penetrate the skin and relieve muscle pains. It is used for aches and strains, according to WebMD. It is used to treat arthritis pain and deeper aches of the joints. It works because it starts out cool to the skin and then begins to warm the muscles down deeper. Also, according to WebMD, it is to be used externally only, on the skin.
  • Cough Remedy: According to End Times Report, rubbing a child’s chest and feet with mentholatum ointment and covering the feet with socks will give relief to the nighttime cough from severe colds or flu. It is also stated by End Times Report that the house should be kept cold while the child kept warm.
  • Clearing Sinuses: According to Earth Notes, the plant can be used as an inhalation treatment. For this treatment, take a few drops of the extracted oil from the plant, put it in hot water, and breathe it in deeply. The oil extracted from the plant is supposed to repel bugs, ants, and rodents, Earth Notes says.
  • Chapped Lips: Another home remedy to use mentholatum for is severe chapped lips. According to Best In Cosmetics, one of the best nighttime cures is mentholatum. Lather your lips right before bed; by morning, the chapped and cracked dry skin will be gone.

  • Aromatherapy: According to Earth Notes, camphor is an ingredient blended into mentholatum rub. It is used in aromatherapies. The scent of camphor is said to help alleviate depression, and has sedative properties.This blend is used for a heart tonic and used to treat infectious diseases, according to Earth Notes.
  • Veterinary: When mentholatum is used in veterinary practices it is a helpful treatment of fleas, ticks, swollen glands, colds, and flu in dogs, according to Earth Notes



  • Ingesting pure menthol can be poisonous, and overdose is also possible through excess consumption of menthol-containing products. The oral median lethal dose in rats has been estimated at 192 mg/kg; other sources give much higher numbers such as 2900 mg/kg in rats and 5001 mg/kg in rabbits.



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