Merc solub is extracted from cinnabar ore, which is found in volcanic rocks. Commercially it is extracted for a variety of industrial purposes. Mercury is used in thermometers and was at one stage a major ingredient in tooth fillings.



It was used in mainstream medicine until it was found, in its natural form, to have adverse side effects. Since homeopathy dilutes to the point that not a molecule remains, it is safe and we can reap all of the healing benefits. Mercury was found to have very specific properties within homeopathy, and out of that discovery came the homeopathic remedy of merc sol


Mouth and Throat Conditions:

Merc sol can be of great help when there are ulcers on the tongue, walls of the mouth, and the gums. These raised patches become sore and inflamed, and they often indicate oral thrush. There may be a sore throat present as well and this can become overcome with ulcers. This homeopathic remedy helps with the pain and also assists the body in naturally healing the ulcers overall.

Catarrh and Colds:

When there is watery and yellow or green catarrh that has a strong odor, merc sol can be of great help. It can also aid in healing the other symptoms such as chills, fever, sneezing fits, and headaches.

Eye and Ear Infections:

This often shows up as a sensitivity to light and watery or inflamed eyes that have a terrible discharge flowing from them. Merc sol can help the body naturally heal and resolve the ear pain as well as the discharge itself.


Merc sol can be turned to when the temperature gets high in the body and there is excessive sweating as a result of it. The fever may also be associated with glandular pain and a terrible headache as well.


This usually shows up as itchy and burning vaginal discharge in women, or as itchy red spots in men that appear on the penis.


No side effects are recorded.


  • Please consult your doctor.

Other names

Quicksilver, Mercury, Black Oxide of Mercury, Ammonio—Nitrate of Mercury


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