The homeopathic remedy Mercurius corrosivus (merc. cor.) is prepared chemically using mercuric chloride.



Mercurius Corrosivus is used to cure various types of ulcers, especially ulcerative colitis (persistent ulceration in the large intestine). In effect, the common actions of the homeopathic remedy Mercurius corrosivus are basically similar to that of any other medicinal preparations with mercury, but it still presents its individual strangeness that cannot be found in any other mercurial preparation.


Unlike several other homeopathic remedies, Mercurius corrosivus (Merc. cor.) has limited utilities. This homeopathic medication is primarily prescribed to cure ulcers, especially if they have an effect on the stomach like in the instance of ulcerative colitis (chronic ulceration in the large intestine), which is accompanied by diarrhea along with bleeding, and an intense strain effort to pass a little amount of blood or mucus. Patients suffering from this condition may also experience the same stimulation and probably bleeding and excretion of mucus from the bladder. In addition, homeopathic physicians prescribe Mercurius corrosivus to patients suffering from ulcers related to fatigue, ulcers in the mouth, the throat as well as on the front of their eyes. The usual symptoms experienced by the patients may comprise piercing pain in the rear of the nose that spreads to the ears, copious secretion of saliva as well as a sensation as if the teeth were becoming loose. Turning to the homeopathic remedy Mercurius corrosivus in such conditions, not only helps to cure the original complaint, but also provides relief from the accompanying symptoms.



No side effects are recorded.


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Other names

Mercuric chloride


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