Mesquite is the common name for several species of small trees in the genus Prosopis. They are native to the southwestern United States and Mexico (except for creeping mesquite, which is invasive in southern California).



  • Mesquite leaves, flowers, pods, and bark are all used medicinally. Dry all plant parts before use; the bark and branches can be powdered after drying.
  • The pods, which remain closed, can be dried whole and prepared as a decoction. Collect the gum from healed scars in the mesquite tree’s trunk.


  • May be an effective blood sugar stabilizer. This is crucial when trying to maintain blood sugar levels to keep your appetite and energy levels in check. Sudden rises and falls in blood sugar can have a major impact on focus, concentration, clarity, energy, and appetite. Keeping blood sugar levels stable will help maintain clarity and energy levels all day long and prevent unnecessary snacking.
  • It can help satisfy hunger. There are a few reasons why it does this, but one of the main reasons is because it provides a good dose of fiber while being low on the glycemic index. This helps people feel fuller longer, and fights cravings for high carbohydrate but lot nutrient foods.
  • Offers bio-available protein. This means that the proteins are already partially broken down and ready to use on a cellular level. This helps with faster cell growth and regeneration, which is essential in maintaining long-lasting health and wellness.
  • Contains a powerful blend of vitamins and minerals. It provides cells with a much-needed necessary blend of vitamins and minerals which help sustain healthy cells and tissues.
  • It may be helpful in boosting your immune system. Mesquite powder has been shown to provide high levels of zinc. Zinc is an essential part of the body’s immune system, and has been shown to help ward off unwanted invaders by boosting the production of white blood cells within the body.
  • It may help cleanse the digestive system. The high fiber content is beneficial to the digestive system. Not only is it helpful in encouraging normal gut motility, but it also helps reduce inflammation and the occurrence of polyps in the colon.
  • Low in fat and calories. The naturally sweet powder is also naturally low in fat and calories, making it an excellent substitute for sugar or other sweeteners in recipes and smoothies.
  • May have antifungal properties. Independent laboratory tests have shown that Mesquite Powder has some antifungal properties, making it a natural way of fighting off unwanted fungal infections.
  • May prevent and fight headaches and migraines. The superfine powder has been shown to help alleviate some of the triggers of headaches and migraines. Mesquite powder is shown to offer some calming properties, which can help to reduce the occurrence of certain types of headaches.
  • Tastes delicious! Of course, this is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of Mesquite Powder. The powder has a taste similar to molasses. It is a rich, deep, complex flavor which accents a variety of foods perfectly and makes it a great addition or substitute to a variety of culinary masterpieces.


None documented. Please speak to your pharmacist!


  • Please consult with your doctor.

Other names

Prosopis glandulosa var. glandulosa


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