• Microbeads are polyethylene microspheres that are widely used in cosmetics, skin care and personal care industries, as well as biomedical and health science research, microscopy techniques, fluid visualization and fluid flow analysis, and process troubleshooting.[1] They are commercially available in particle sizes from 10 um to 1000 um (1mm). Low melting temperature and fast phase transitions make this material especially suitable for creating porous structures in ceramics and other materials.
  • In the cosmetics industry they are usually used as exfoliating agents. Sphericity and particle size uniformity create a ball-bearing effect in creams and lotions, resulting in a silky texture and spreadability. Exceptional smoothness and roundness also provides lubrication during application. Microspheres in different colors add visual appeal to cosmetic products.[2] Plastic particle water pollution by microplastics including plastic microbeads has become a substantial environmental concern.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microbeads

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