Pearl powder (Chinese: 珍珠粉; pinyin: zhēnzhū fěn) is a preparation of crushed pearls used in China and elsewhere for skin care and in traditional Chinese medicine.



Pearl powder is widely believed to help improve the appearance of the skin, and is used as a cosmetic by royal families in Asia. It is also used as a treatment for acne. Some studies have claimed that pearl powder can stimulate the skin’s fibroblasts, help regenerate collagen, and accelerate healing of certain skin conditions, wounds and burns.

It is also used as a toothpaste, and is claimed to improve the appearance of the teeth, to reduce the pain from sensitive teeth, and to strengthen and repair the gums.

Pearl powder contains a number of amino acids, over 30 trace minerals, and a high concentration of calcium. In Chinese medicine, it is used as an anti-inflammatory and detoxification agent, and as a relaxant.

The calcium content is considered beneficial for calcium deficient persons with issues such as osteoporosis. A typical dose is 1 gram of pearl powder taken by mouth, traditionally mixed into water or tea, twice weekly. Excessive doses may cause calcium toxicity.

The powder is also used to treat stomach and intestinal conditions such as indigestion and chronic constipation. It is claimed to minimize pain from sores and ulcers, and to help reduce the sores and ulcers themselves.


  • Containing calcium, protein and vitamins and a very high source of amino acid, pearl powder is perfect for all skin types and helps with easing skin inflammation and promotes healing, enhances elasticity and luminosity. Additionally, it aids in absorbing oil and skin impurities, filters out UV rays and helps to prevent hyperpigmentation by slowing down the melanin production in the skin. Its antimicrobial properties are also known to remove blotches, acne, acne scarring, dry patches and rosacea as well as address sun damage.


No side effects.


None are recorded.

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