• Myricetin is a flavonoid, which is a beneficial compound found in many food sources. It is found in grapes, onions, and tea and is also available as a dietary supplement in pill form.
  • Flavonoids such as myricetin are found in many natural, plant based food sources. They help plants produce color in flowers and are thought to have a variety of beneficial effects on the health of animals and humans that ingest these plants. Flavonoids affect the actions of several enzymes in the body and have antioxidant properties.
  • Myricetin is commonly found in a range of foods. Some sources of the compound are grapes, walnuts, onions, herbs, berries, vegetables, wine, and teas. For use as a supplement, it is often harvested from a plant called Myrica cerifera, especially the roots, leaves, and bark. Supplements are usually available in pill form and should be taken with water due to the fact that myricetin is water soluble, i.e., it dissolves in water.




There are no known reported side effects, but supplementation should still be discussed with a medical professional.



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