Naja is a genus of venomous elapid snakes known as cobras. Several other genera include species commonly called cobras (for example the rinkhals, or ring-necked spitting cobra Hemachatus haemachatus), but of all the snakes known by that name, members of the genus Naja are the most widespread and the most widely recognized as cobras. Various species occur in regions throughout Africa, Southwest Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.



Naja homeopathy remedy helps regulate the heart beat and is also used for angina, hay fever, snoring and headaches.


In homeopathy, the venom of cobra is used to cure a number of health disorders and associated symptoms. Since the homeopathic medicine prepared from cobra venom naja is an extremely potent remedy and is kept in reserve only to treat grave health conditions, it is never appropriate to use it according to one’s self prescription. Instead, naja should always be used according to the recommendation of a professional homeopath.

The homeopathic remedy naja works primarily on the nerves, heart, lungs and the left ovary. This homeopathic medicine is especially prescribed to treat vascular problems of the heart accompanied by anginal type of pain that usually spreads to the left shoulder blade and the left hand. Interestingly enough, women patients experiencing such heart pain may often also experience pain in their left ovary, which spread out to the region of the heart. Homeopaths also prescribe naja to treat asthma that is followed by hay fever. In addition, in homeopathy, naja is indicated in heart affections, such as persistent hypertrophy (abnormal enlargement of an organ) and abrasions of the valves. Patients who need naja often experience heart palpitations owing to physical exertion, talking and/ or walking. They have a sensation as if their chest is oppressed and something heavy is placed on the heart. The heart pain usually deteriorates when the patients ride in carriages in open air.

It has also been observed that people who require naja, the homeopathic remedy prepared from the venom of cobra, usually feel an elementary variance between their human (i.e. higher self) and the animal (i.e. lower instinct) nature, between enduring harm and harming others as well as between their responsibilities and neglect. These people have contradictory feelings. While they have a feeling of a moral obligation to take care of and protect others who need them, simultaneously, these type of people also feel that they have been wronged, hassled or maltreated by people who have a duty towards them. As a result of such conflicting feelings, they continue to wonder about difficulties and problems that are actually more anticipated than they are real. Ethics and religion form the theme in the lives of most of the people who need naja. Although such people may often feel that they should act with vengeance and take revenge against those who have wronged them, actually their sense of responsibility and accountability usually stops them from acting in such a manner. At the same time, whenever they succumb to their lower nature or the animal instinct, they are likely to feel very culpable and look ahead to God punishing them.

Naja, the homeopathic remedy prepared from cobra venom, is a very effective medicine for curing migraine. When migraine attacks people, they experience pain in the left temple and left orbit spreading out to the back part of the head or skull (occiput) that is accompanied by vomiting and nausea. The pain has a tendency to spread out from the left part to the right.

The homeopathic medicine naja is also useful in treating dry cough, especially exasperating dry cough that is contingent on cardiac troubles. People suffering from such dry cough produce muggy mucus and saliva and experience spells of suffocation after sleeping. They usually have deep and sound sleep and have a snoring breathing during sleep.

In addition, the homeopathic remedy prepared from cobra venom naja, is also very effective for treating paralyzing disease, for instance polio. Earlier, this medicine was used by traditional physicians to treat diphtheria outbreaks and they are said to have been successful in their efforts. The results of using cobra venom medicine were excellent.


Do not self prescribe this medicine.


  • Please consult your doctor.

Other names

Cobra, Naja naja / N. tripudians


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