The homeopathic remedy nat. carb. is prepared chemically using sodium carbonate and is used to treat a variety of ailments, especially digestive problems and nervous disorders.



In homeopathy, nat. carb. is prescribed to treat digestive disorders like indigestion, nervous problems, such as headaches as well as skin conditions like corns, blisters, herpes, moles and warts. In addition, this homeopathic medication is also known to be effective for curing exhaustion and colds. Below is a brief discussion on some of these condition-specific uses of nat. carb.


Digestive problems: In homeopathy, nat. carb. is widely used to treat a number of digestive problems, especially indigestion occurring together with belching and a feeling of queasiness. People who suffer from this condition often snack on food constantly all through the day. Such people have a particular fondness for bread and sweets. In addition, the homeopathic remedy nat. carb. is extremely beneficial for people who suffer from milk intolerance.

Headaches: Nat. carb. is widely prescribed by homeopathic practitioners for people suffering from nervous disorders, inclusive of headaches. This type of headaches is acute causing immense pain and is accompanied by pain in the stomach. People suffering from this type of headache are also very sensitive to loud sound and/ or music. In effect, this kind of headache may set off owing to studying at a stretch for prolonged hours or any kind of mental activity that may cause tension. In addition, being exposed to the sun for a prolonged period may also trigger this kind of headache, which is often accompanied by a dizzy feeling. Turning to the homeopathic remedy nat. carb. in such conditions not only helps to provide relief from the severe headache, but also alleviates the associated symptoms.

Cold: The homeopathic remedy nat. carb. is very effective for treating colds, especially colds that worsen when the patient is sitting outside in a breezy condition. The symptoms associated with this kind of cold may include catarrh, which may often smell disgusting and trickle down the back of the patient’s throat.

Exhaustion: Nat. carb. is also very useful for treating exhaustion or nervous tiredness owing to working overtime or being exposed to the sun for prolonged periods. People suffering from such kind of nervous exhaustion are usually inclined to feel shoddier when they are close to heat or in a very ear-splitting atmosphere.

Ankle weakness: People enduring feeble ankles that are easily susceptible to sprains or even dislocated simply with no precise occurrence of trauma may find the homeopathic remedy nat. carb. very useful in treating their condition. This medication is said to be more effective for children suffering from this condition.


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Sodium carbonate


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