Natrum phosphoricum is a homeopathic remedy commonly known as sodium phosphate.



  • Natrum Phosphoricum  helps in gout and rheumatism, pains in fingers, toes, ankles and knee joint. Natrum Phosphoricum is also useful in other conditions like urticaria. Natrum Phosphoricum is also useful in conjunctivitis, post-nasal catarrh and diabetes.


Natrum phosphoricum may be recommended when the patient has a pale, bluish cast of the face, canker sores and blisters on the tip of the tongue, or rheumatism in the knee. This homeopathic remedy reportedly helps people with rheumatic arthritis, conjunctivitis, worms, and diabetes. Gastric problems, such as heartburn or indigestion, diminished energy in the morning, and nervousness all may indicate the need for this remedy. According to homeopathic medicine, all of these signs and symptoms are due to lactic acid build up.


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Other names

Sodium phosphate


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