Natrum Sulphuratum is a homeopathic product.



  • Natrum Sulph, which is made of two elements i.e. Sodium and Sulphur, has the ability to produce important internal body changes. It is intimately related to the liver and is very useful in diabetes.


  • Natrum Sulph is also the best remedy for asthma, particularly in those patients, whose asthma becomes worse in humid weather. It starts with the nasal catarrh, which soon becomes worse and then invades the chest, leading to the onset of asthma. The cough with a lot of phlegm is accompanied by severe difficulty in breathing. The phlegm (expectoration) is whitish and sticky. The patient becomes short of breath on slight movement or walking.
  • Natrum Sulph can also be useful to treat the warts on the hands and arms.


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  • Currently there is no information about Interactions with Natrum Sulphuratum

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