Oat Fiber also known as roughage and it is basically the digestive part of the plant.


  • Used as a food supplement.


  • Fiber oat when consumed clears all types of digestion and bowel related problems. Basically, there are 2 types of fiber and they are insoluble and soluble. In most vegetables and fruits, you can get soluble fiber. The benefit of this type of fiber is that it reduces body weight. Many health experts and body building professional recommends consuming soluble fibers for their body. Insoluble fibers are most pulses, vegetables and nuts. This type of fiber makes the bowel movement good and correct. The truth is many vegetables and fruits are known as insoluble and soluble fiber.
  • People who face chronic constipation can know get cure by taking oat fiber. This will remove all types of toxic waste out of the body and make you fit and fine.
  • Oats are good for circulatory system and at the same time for brain and heart. Fiber oats reduces cholesterol problem and all types of cardiovascular risk. Now, by taking oats you can be free from stroke attack and other types of health problems.
  • This will prevent over consumption later in a day that can help you to maintain the healthy weight as well as avoid health problems linked with the overweight.
  • This is the important component to maintain the gastro intestinal health just by regulating the transit time by GI tract as well as adding bulk, and allowing for the optimum absorption of the nutrients & preventing the constipation.
  • The insoluble fiber doesn’t absorb water and acts as the bulking agent, as well as isn’t fermented by the bacteria. The oatmeal has both kinds as well as has biggest proportion of the soluble fiber of grain in a form of the Beta Glucan. Soluble fiber in the oatmeal is shown to reduce the low density lipoprotein cholesterol or else “bad cholesterol” by around 10 to 15%, mainly while consumed as a part of low fat diet.


 Bloating, blood sugar issues and abdominal cramps are possible side effects.



Other names



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