Oligogeline SPE is known for its ability to develop shield like properties to protect itself from environmental stresses due to the high level of carrageenan found in this algae. Also known as a “Second Skin” Ingredient.



  • Used in formulating hair-care and moisturizing skin-care products.


  •  OLIGOGELINE® SPE acts as an emollient, protecting and repairing agent. It is a plant silicone and second skin ingredient which binds to carrageenans and skin protein. It reduces transepidermal water loss and patch effect. OLIGOGELINE® SPE maintains high calcium content required for anti-aging and slimming. Moreover, it exhibits mineralizing effect by re-addition of minerals and trace elements. It protects & repairs hair fibre and provides brightness, softness, conditioning, elasticity and easy combing benefit to hair. It is paraben-free and has phenoxyethanol as preservative.


  • Please consult your pharmacist.



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