Organic evaporated cane juice is a relatively unrefined sweetener made from the stalks of the sugar cane plant. It is healthier than the refined cane sugar present in so many beverages and baked goods in part because, being organic, it is produced without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is also closer to the unprocessed original plant, so it contains more nutrients than highly processed alternatives.



  • Organic evaporated cane juice can be used in place of refined sugar in most conventional baked goods. It has a deeper richer flavor than processed sugar, with the darker varieties containing more complex molasses flavor. For this reason, milled cane sugar is a good choice for a simple confection like a chocolate chip cookie, while Muscovado sugar will work better in a recipe that incorporates a wider range of flavors, such as ginger bread.


  • Because evaporated cane juice is less refined and closer to its natural form than processed white sugar, according to It contains more nutrients and has fewer harmful effects. Evaporated cane juice contains plenty of vitamin B-2, or riboflavin. It also contains niacin, another B vitamin, as well as dietary fiber, calcium and potassium.


  • One drawback of evaporated cane sugar could come from its perceived benefit as healthier than refined sugar, which might tempt some people to eat more of it. Eating too much of anything, including cane sugar, will result in weight gain. Cane sugar also supplies no real nutrients. A steady diet of cane sugar would cause nutritional deficiencies – as well as cavities. Acid produced by bacteria that break down sugars destroys tooth enamel.


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