Oxalicum Acidum is an acid found in vegetables such as parsley and soya, although both only contain it in small quantities.



  • Oxalicum Acidum or oxalic acid is a remedy used in homoeopathy. In its natural state, it is a diacid that can be harmful to one’s health. In fact, it may cause local irritation and blood circulation disorders. It is also available in the form of oxalate and easily binds with minerals like calcium. Moreover, it is important to know that absorption in large quantities can result in calcium deficiency. However, Oxalicum Acidum has therapeutic virtues that can be used in the treatment of many urology disorders. The homeopathic stock is obtained from oxalic-acid-rich vegetables like spinach and rhubarb. The remedy comes in the form of white crystalline powder.


Very beneficial to any urology disorders. Useful for pain relief of joints.


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Other names

Phosphoric Ac, Phosphoric Acid, Glacial Phosphoric Acid, Orthophosphoric Acid


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