Oenanthe phellandrium (syn. Phellandrium aquaticum), the Fine-leaved Water Dropwort, known popularly as Water Fennel, is a common British plant in ditches and by the sides of ponds.

It is a biennial, flowering from July to September in its second year of growth.



The fruits have been used in chronic pectoral affections such as bronchitis, pulmonary consumption and asthma, also in dyspepsia, intermittent fever, obstinate ulcers, etc. The dose when given in powdered form is 5 or 6 grains to commence with, so repeated as to amount to a drachm in four hours. An alcoholic extract and essence of the fruits has also been recommended as a very valuable and active remedy in the relief of consumption and bronchitis.


The root of this species is medicinal. This is an exceedingly poisonous plant.


None are recorded.

Other names



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