The homeopathic remedy Phosphoric Acid (Phos. Ac.) is prepared by diluting phosphoric acid, a common mineral acid, and it is used to cure a number of health conditions, especially given to people who are basically indifferent and lethargic.



  • In addition to its medicinal use, phosphoric acid has extensive industrial utilities. Phosphoric acid is used to manufacture detergents and fertilizers and it is also important in refining sugar and providing a fruity and acidic essence to soft drinks. Long back, phosphoric acid was used in conventional medicine to promote digestion. In the present times, it is used to diminish the intensity of calcium in the blood of individuals who have developed cancerous or benign tumors in their parathyroid glands, which are found in the neck.

    As a homeopathic remedy, phosphoric acid is known to have extensive uses. Although the medication is prepared by diluting phosphoric acid heavily so that the end result does not contain even the slightest trace of the mineral acid, the potency offered by the homeopathic remedy phos. ac. vis-à-vis healing is genuinely intense.

    In homeopathy, phos. ac. is considered to be among the most effective medications in this alternative stream of medicine and, therefore, it seems right that common people as well as homeopathic physicians turn to this medication so frequently. In its original form, phosphoric acid is widely used to produce pharmaceutical drugs and also fertilizers. In fact, this is enough evidence of the versatility of this mineral acid as well as the numerous applications offered by it.


  • Nerves: The homeopathic remedy phos. ac. is really beneficial for people who have been suffering from problems of the nervous system owing to long hours of studying. Using this medication may perhaps facilitate in providing relief from headaches caused by tension and stress. In homeopathy, phos. ac. is also a useful remedy for people enduring eye strain caused by reading very small print or studying for prolonged hours. This medication is appropriate for easing headaches and strains as well as providing relief from associated symptoms.

  • Growing pains: In homeopathy, phos. ac. is an excellent remedy for children as well as adolescents who are growing rapidly and, therefore, suffering from some kind of growing pains. In effect, this medication is extremely beneficial for everyone who feels that their body is unable to maintain the pace of growth. In effect, phos. ac. works on the pain that is caused by the natural growth within the body. It helps to provide relief from the growing pain as well as normalize growth.

  • Anguish or shock: People often suffer from grief or shock as a result of certain ailment endured by them or due to the stress in one’s hectic life. What ever may be the reason behind the grief and shock, the homeopathic medication phos. ac. is an excellent remedy for both. Using this medication helps an individual to deal with the emotional and psychological symptoms endured by them and, at the same time, it works effectively to alleviate any physical side effect that the individual may suffer from owing to these two health conditions.

  • Exhaustion: Occasionally, mental as well as physical exhaustion or fatigue forms the basic reason for all other associated symptoms endured by an individual. In homeopathy, phos. ac. is an excellent remedy that works to eliminate the root cause of exhaustion. It has been found that often, exhaustion is related to stress. Therefore, this homeopathic remedy reinstates the energy within the body and helps to do away with additional symptoms, thereby providing relief from fatigue – mental as well as physical.

  • Headaches: Some people often suffer from headaches that give a sensation as if there is a crushing weight on their head, especially just on the top of the head. Such headaches usually cause an overwhelming sensation and may even contribute to worsen a potential light-headedness. Individuals suffering from this type of acute headache may turn to the homeopathic remedy phos. ac. as it not only works to do away with the excruciating pain, but also provide relief from associated symptoms too.

  • Diarrhea: The homeopathic remedy phos. ac. is used to treat different types and varying degrees of diarrhea. While this medication is effective in curing the impermanent type of diarrhea that is usually related to several ailments, homeopathic physicians also prescribe phos. ac. for people suffering from diarrhea which may actually be a side effect of any digestive disorder.


  • When phosphoric acid powders are inhaled or come in contact with skin and other body tissues, it can cause dermatitis, pain, tearing, blurred vision, difficulty swallowing or breathing and gastrointestinal problems. Most of these side effects occur in industrial manufacturing plants where concentrated levels of phosphoric acid are used. The amount of phosphoric acid added to sodas and other foods by comparison is a very small amount.


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Other names

Phosphoric Ac, Phosphoric Acid, Glacial Phosphoric Acid, Orthophosphoric Acid


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