Physalis Angulata Extract is an erect, herbaceous, annual plant belonging to the nightshade family Solanaceae. It reproduces by seed. Its leaves are dark green and roughly oval, often with tooth shapes around the edge.


Medicinal uses.


  • Anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Its tested antibacterial properties could validate its use as a antiseptic and disinfectant for skin diseases and its use to treat gonorrhea. Its antiviral properties could well explain its long history of use for hepatitis, although scientists have not tested it specifically against hepatitis.


  • n/a



Other names


  • English common names include: angular winter cherry, balloon cherry, cutleaf groundcherry, gooseberry, hogweed, wild tomato, camapu, and occasionally other common names for the genus Physalis.
  • In Malayalam it is known as njottanjodiyan (ഞൊട്ടാഞൊടിയൻ) and mottaampuli(മൊട്ടാമ്പുളി).



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